Photography is allowed on the farm and we are excited to be part of the captured memories that you will cherish! While our primary focus is the Christmas season, the farm is beautiful all year round. 

Photography sessions are only allowed October 1st to November 17th. Fees for sessions are $50/hour. After November 17th, informal photos that you take of your family’s experience getting the perfect Christmas tree from our farm are allowed and encouraged.

Photographic Backdrops

Of course there are our beautiful Christmas tree field to use as a backdrop for that perfect card. In addition to the field, we also have two antique sleighs and 1950 Chevy truck available November 1-17th for your use. If you are looking for something other than Christmas, our woods and buffer zones are filled with Maple trees and are stunning in the fall!

Photography Session Policies

All photographers and their clients must understand and adhere to our farm and photography session policies. Please review the session policies before booking a session.

Next Steps – Book Your Session

  1. Review our farm and photography session policies
  2. Select your time, agree to the policies and complete payment below
  3. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us